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Winter Is Coming: Top Promotional Products for the Upcoming Season

Promotional products are a great way to spread the message about your brand throughout the entire year. Some promotional products are good year-round; others are best used during specific seasons.

We talked earlier about promotional products that are great for summer. Now, we’ll cover the opposite season: the upcoming cold, blustery winds of winter.

Here are some great promo products that work great for the winter months up ahead.

Hot Chocolate Tin

What’s something that is fantastic for winter that everyone loves? Hot chocolate!

Believe it or not, hot chocolate can be a great winter promotional product. There’s nothing more pleasing than curling up in a blanket with a mug of cocoa – or with bringing one back to the office and having cocoa to relieve a bit of stress. You can give away these excellent hot chocolate tins that contain plenty of cocoa powder and can be customized with your logo.

Stretch Gloves

This next promo product is great for colleges, but works well for any organization that has to endure cold winters.

For your next giveaway, consider using stretch gloves. These warm, fuzzy gloves come in a variety of colors to match your brand and not only keep hands warm, but are incredibly affordable and suited to any budget.

Ice Scrapers

What’s one thing that winter invariably brings with it? Ice – and plenty of it. No matter where you live, it seems like ice with always find you.

Help your prospects keep ice off their cars with these deluxe ice scrapers. They’re made of ABS plastic, are 21 inches long, and work like a charm. Plus, you can get your company’s logo branded on them to help promote your brand to the masses.

Winter is coming. Are you prepared? Get ready with these great promotional products. Contact us for more creative ideas for your next campaign. 

Conquering the Trade Show: Trade Show Marketing Tips

Trade shows, conferences, and seminars are vitally important to many businesses in virtually every industry. They represent a priceless opportunity to share your products and services and reach out to new customers on an intimate, one-on-one level.

Earlier this year, we shared with you five trade show marketing tips that can help you with your next show and find success. To give you even more help, here are additional trade show marketing tips that can help you conquer the trade show.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Before you go into a trade show, you should perform research that tells you who is going to be there and if they are someone on whom you should focus.

Some of your top prospects may be in attendance. This comes in handy later, when you approach them. Because you know they’re there, and can prepare for their presence, you can develop targeted approaches that incorporate marketing collateral and even promotional products to get their attention and reward them for talking to you. You want to save your best stuff for the top prospects on your list, and knowing about them in advance will help.

Direct Traffic to Your Booth

One tactic that people are starting to incorporate into their trade show marketing plan is to send out a team member (or two, or three) onto the floor throughout the conference armed with promotional products and giveaways. Their role is simple: to hand these out and direct traffic back to your booth.

People are more likely to search you out if they receive a gift from you. Just make sure your booth number is clearly displayed, so they can find you.

Use Technology in Your Display

People love to play. When they see a touch-screen computer or an iPad in front of them, they almost can’t resist picking it up and playing with it.

Incorporate these technologies into your display. Create videos or product demos that are interactive. If you don’t have touch-screens, just use iPads or other tablets. Using a tablet to capture vital info – like names, email addresses, and phone numbers – is also preferable to using paper since more people will fill them out if they’re electronic. 

Creative Ways to Use Promotional Products

Many people think of promotional products just as things you give away at trade shows and seminars. While they are very useful for that purpose – branding your company at a conference or gathering is a great way to solicit face-to-face contact – there are other uses for promotional products.

Here are some creative ways to use promotional products to promote your business, build connections, and spread a message.

Create a Gift Basket

When trying to reach a prospect or a decision-maker, any little edge helps. One creative way to use promotional products is to put together a gift basket for VIPs, CEOs, and decision-makers. They make for great ways to get a meeting or get a face-to-face conversation, and let’s face it: people love getting gifts. It’ll automatically make them like you more.

Consider an executive basket with items such as a nice, high-end pen set like the Balmain Corsica pen set that comes with two pens in a distinctive, modern style. You can also include business card holders, a tie-clip flash drive, a nice coffee mug, and more.

Use Promotional Products as Prizes

You can also use promotional products as prizes and rewards for contests and other promotions.

This can be either external, with the public, or internal, with your team members. For external contests, pick a nice prize and ask people to submit their names or email addresses as entry into a drawing. The winner then can receive one really nice gift, or a collection of great gifts that are not only useful, but branded with your company logo.

Facebook is really great for these types of promotions. If the prize is good enough, people will enter. Plus, you can advertise the promotion through Facebook advertising and boosted posts.

For these, choose promotional products that have high value. You don’t have to break the bank, but getting a product that people would actually buy themselves is always recommended.

What are some fun ways you can use promotional products for your business?

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